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DxReview simplifies the document review process by sending a request for review to team members, collecting feedback from all Reviewers, then emailing a compiled document back to the Requester. The Requester can then incorporate feedback to create a final, aggregate version.

Overview of the Review Process
  1. Requester initiates the document review using DxReview.
  2. Reviewers receive an email including the document and instructions for providing feedback.
  3. Reviewers open the document, provide feedback, and return it to the author by replying to the original email.
  4. When the review cycle is closed, DxReview compiles the feedback into one document and sends it to the Requester via email.
  5. Using standard Word features, the Requester incorporates feedback to create a new aggregated version and saves final document.
How to Initiate a Document Review

DxReview makes it easy to initiate a review.

  1. Open the document to be sent for review in Microsoft Word®.
    Note: Document must be in .docx format
  2. On the Insert ribbon, click My Apps (Word 2013) or My Add-ins (Word 2016 or Word Online) then click DxReview.
    (Note: Add-in functionality is only available in Word 2013 or later, therefore, Requesters must use one of these versions. Reviewers do not need the DxReview Add-in and can use any version of Word that includes the Review Tab. (Word 2007) or later.)
  3. Log in, if required. DxReview will open in a panel on the right.
  4. Click New Review.
  5. Add the email address(s) of the people that will review the document.
    Optional: Add a personal message for the Reviewers.
  6. Select the review type, either Comments Only or Comment and Track Changes.
  7. Select a due date for the completion of the review cycle.
    Note: The review will close when all Reviewers have provided their feedback or on the due date specified.
  8. Click Send to send this document for review. An email containing the document and feedback instructions, including due date is sent to the each of the Reviewers, and a confirmation email is sent to the Requester.

Tip: Add the DxReview email address (review@dxreview.net) to email spam filters, to enable the receipt of DxReview emails.

How to Review a Document

Reviewers can provide feedback to the document using Microsoft Word 2007 or later. Reviewers do not need to have the DxReview add-in installed. Feedback is provided by using the Comments and Track Changes features in Word. If edits are allowed, the Track Changes feature in Word is turned on by default.

  1. Open the document attached to the review request email in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click the Review tab, then provide feedback by adding comments and, if allowed, edit text as needed.
  3. Save the document to a local drive.
  4. Send the saved document back to the Requester. Reply to the original email and attach the updated document.
  5. The Requester receives one document with combined feedback from all Reviewers at the end at the review cycle.

    • Review requests should not be forwarded; this will not add additional reviewers to the review cycle.
    • If the review cannot be completed, choose the Decline option in the original email.
    • Comments and/or edits can be submitted as many times as needed until the review cycle ends.
How to Check the Review Status

DxReview enables Requesters to easily see the status of a review.

  1. Open Microsoft Word®.
  2. On the Insert ribbon, click My Apps (Word 2013) or My Add-ins (Word 2016 and Word Online) then click DxReview to launch DxReview.
  3. Log in, if required.
  4. Click My Reviews. All initiated document reviews (open and closed) are listed with the following information:
  5. The document filename;
    • Sent date;
    • Due date; and,
    • Completion information.
  6. Click >> to see information on an individual reviewer’s status:
    • Pending – Sent to Reviewer
    • Completed – Reviewer has provided feedback
    • No Response – Reviewer did not decline or provide feedback
    • Declined – Reviewer declined the review request
How to Retrieve the Collected Feedback

Once the review cycle is completed, an email with the compiled feedback is sent to the Requester. The review cycle ends when all Reviewers have provided feedback or the due date is reached, whichever comes first.

  1. Open the email from review@dxreview.net with the attached merged feedback document and save the document.
  2. Requester reviews comments and/or tracked changes.
    • All standard Microsoft Word Review Tab functionality is available. Functions such as accept/reject changes, review comments, and show markup can be used.
    • Please refer to Word help for more information about review functionality.
  3. The Requester incorporates feedback to create a new aggregate version and saves final document.
Using DxReview with DitaExchange DxServer or Dx4 Published Documents

Documents published in DxServer or Dx4 can also be sent for review, please note the following:

  • Documents must be downloaded and resaved as .docx
  • To protect the integrity of structured content, information that is contained in the document that is created from a content reference will not be editable, however, comments can be placed on the locked text.

DxReview FAQ

Q: Which version of Word do I need to use DxReview?

To enable the DxReview add-in, requesters need to have Word 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, Word 2016 for Mac, or Word Online. Reviewers do not need any add-in and only need Word 2007 or later or Word Online.

Q: Do the Reviewers need DxReview to complete a review?

A: No. They do not need DxReview, only Microsoft Word 2007 or later, or Word Online.

Q: How to I access the feedback from Reviewers?

A: Once the review is closed, the Requester receives an email with all feedback compiled into one document. Note: Currently, Requester’s can access the compiled document only through this email. Please do not delete the email until the compiled document has been saved externally. (Accessibility to compiled documents will be enhanced in a future version of DxReview).

Q: Can a Reviewer submit feedback more than once?

A: Yes, comments and/or edits can be submitted as many times as needed until the review cycle ends. The review cycle ends when all reviewers’ feedback has been received or the due date has been reached.

Q: How can a Requester tell who has provided feedback?

A: Launch DxReview and click My Reviews to get status.

Q: I initiated the review and then realized I forgot to include a few Reviewers. Can I add them?

A: Once the review has been initialized, more Reviewers cannot be added to this review cycle.

Q: Do all reviewers need to complete the review?


A: Reviewers have the option to decline a review and provide a reason. If they do not complete the review by the due date, the review cycle ends and their Reviewer status is set to “No Reponse.”

Q: My review team has a lot on their plates, does DxReview send reminders?

A: Yes, Reviewers receive a reminder email two days prior to the end of the review cycle if they have not replied to the original request.

Q: Can Reviewers delegate the review request?

A: Reviewers can only be added by the Requester at the beginning of the review cycle. Review requests should not be forwarded; forwarding the request email will not add additional reviewers to the review cycle. If the review cannot be completed, Reviewers should choose the Decline option in the original email.

Q: Are any types of Reviewer feedback not supported?


A: The following items are not currently supported:

  • Adding new tables, cells or rows. However, commenting on existing table cells is supported.
  • Adding new headers or footers. However, commenting on existing headers and footers is supported.
  • Adding new images. However, commenting on existing images is supported.
  • Adding new formulas


Q: Are macros and embedded documents supported?


A: Macros and embedded documents are not currently supported.

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