Co-Authoring & Review
- No Boundaries


Cloud-Based Document
Review & Collaboration

Any where, any time review



A Microsoft Word add-in
that adds power to your reviews

Designed for Word™

  • Familiar ‘Track Changes’ functionality
  • An add-in for Word 2013, 2016 and Office 365
  • No download required for reviewers

No complicated tools to learn

Easy to Use

  • Simply send document to reviewers
  • Reviewers receive invitation to review
  • Reviewers reply with reviewed documents

Providing feedback is simplified


  • Reduce review time
  • Improve document quality
  • Deliver final documents faster

Reduce overall review costs and save time

Document reviews made easy

DxReview™ for Word enables internal and external team members to collaborate on documents – at any stage of the development process – anywhere in the world. Gathering information and feedback across entire teams has never been so easy. Take a look at the overview video here.

What is DxReview for Word?

DxReview from DitaExchange is an add-in to Microsoft Word that allows document authors to engage their teammates in the document review and collaboration process by enabling parallel review in the Microsoft cloud, providing the document author with combined feedback from any reviewer, any where.

An offer to get you started

  • Seeing is believing, try DxReview for free for 60 days now
  • Simply download DxReview from the Office Store
  • Invite people to review your documents
  • See how fast and easy it is to collect consolidated feedback from your reviewers!
Try DxReview

Document Review from anywhere in just a few steps…


1. Get DxReview from the Office Store

2. Login to DxReview

3. Send a document for review

4. Document Review status can be viewed at any time

5. Receive email at end of review cycle

6. Review the compiled document

Get DxReview Now

Download the DxReview Add-in from
the Microsoft Office Store.

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